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What people are saying:

"We enrolled our 5-year old twins in Stephanie's Winter Jam Preschool session, and it was a wonderful experience! One twin is social, one is we weren't sure how it was going to go. Both found a perfect outlet at Winter Jam, and it was fun to watch their growth over the semester. They will miss it when they go off to Kindergarten in the fall, but as parents, we know Steph's class really helped them be ready for the transition to school."

- Jody Taylor-


"My 8 year old daughter absolutely loves having Stephanie as her voice teacher. Stephanie shows so much love for her and she really feels it. She continues to learn new things from her each week. I have been really impressed with how Stephanie is able to reign her in when she gets off track, but in a loving way. I'm so grateful that technology has allowed us to work with her despite the physical distance. My daughter absolutely adores and is inspired by her."  We couldn't ask for a better teacher."

-Erin Langstraat-

"Stephanie helped my daughter advance from picking notes and only memorizing songs. My daughter can now read notes and play most songs on her own. Thank you!"

- Ruth Grimes-

"Music is for everyone and anyone. Stephanie Madsen makes learning music fun for
everyone from beginning piano, voice and guitar students to old folks like me
wanting to try something new. I grew up playing piano but never learned much
theory and so found myself handicapped when I wanted to compose music. I had
ideas for several pieces ranging from children’s songs to a tribute to my father and a
musical setting for a passage of scripture but lacked the skills necessary to bring
them to life. Working with Stephanie was a perfect fit for me. She was consistently
pleasant and professional, balancing her commitment to teaching with her
commitment to family. She asked questions to help me establish goals and find the
gaps in my musical knowledge then tailored lessons to reach those goals and fill the
gaps. Like many students, I wanted to start with my “dream song”-the one I had
imagined writing for years- but she encouraged me to start with something simpler.
Over the course of a year we worked on four or five pieces including my “dream”.
She introduced me to some new (to me!) technologies, showing me how to use voice
memos and make an iMovie of the song Papa’s Words to share at the spring recital
for her students I look at the results of our time together and think, “Wow! Did I
really do that?" THANK YOU, STEPHANIE!"

-Holiday Conley-

First off let me say that Stephanie Madsen is one amazing teacher. She is so kind and always so uplifting and always points out the positive things about you and your capabilities, even when those capabilities are minimal :)  I am a mother of 3 young kids but decided that I wanted to invest in myself a bit and get back into some of my musical dreams that I once had. I wanted to play the piano better, learn chords on the piano and learn a bit more about writing music. With the incredible help and guidance of Stephanie, I have been able to fulfill those dreams. I started off being crippled musically by my lack of capabilities but Stephanie has taught me and patiently helped me progress to a now songwriter and fairly skilled pianist, she's even helped me with my guitar skills. We were living nearby at one point and did lessons at her home, but I have since moved and we continue to do lessons each week through Facetime and Marco polo. I am so grateful for Stephanie and her willingness to take me on as her student. She has such a love and passion for music and it is a joy to have her teach me each week. She has taught me so incredibly much that now I feel so capable and able to unleash my talents as a musician. I'll forever be grateful for her knowledge, skills, patience, guidance and positivity through my musical journey. If you are looking for a teacher, she's your gal! She is a musical guru! 

-Shauna Maylin-

"Stephanie Madsen is an extremely talented musician who used her talents and taught my daughter piano lessons for two years. I highly recommend Stephanie. She is thoughtful, caring, extremely supportive and patient with her students. My daughter describes her as nice and supportive and enjoyed taking piano lessons. I am impressed with the progress and growth of my daughter's skills during the past two years. Stephanie made the experience of learning to play the piano enjoyable by adding music that appealed to my daughter helping her to not only play the piano but sing lyrics to the music she is playing. I would highly recommend Stephanie Madsen to anyone wanting to learn to read, play, sing or write music because she is highly talented in each of these areas."

-Melissa Wyatt-

“Stephanie is wonderful.  Both of my girls have been taking piano lessons for about a year and a half and just love her.  She has so much patience and they look forward to their lessons.“

-Stacie Hubbard-

"Stephanie was a great piano teacher! I learned so much from her in such a fun, awesome way! At the end of every lesson I felt amazing." 

- Cora Daly 8 yrs old -