About Stephanie

Music has always been a part of Stephanie Madsen. She grew up singing, performing, and creating music in whatever capacity she could. 

Her childhood is filled with memories of singing along to the piano with her mother, performing in choir, taking voice lessons, and learning to master the piano and guitar. 

Now as an adult, Stephanie creates soothing and meaningful acoustic pop music as an indie singer, songwriter, musician and producer. A Georgia native who has spent time living in Idaho, Texas, California and now lives and produces her music out of her home studio in Utah.

After leaving her childhood home in Peachtree City, Georgia, Stephanie went to Brigham Young University – Idaho to study vocal performance. 

Despite her love for music, Stephanie felt inspired to switch her major from vocal performance to communications. As fate would have it, she met her husband, Stephen, in her first class in her new major. The two soon were married and started a family. 

Busy with being a wife and a mother to two young boys, Stephanie thought she had left music behind her. When she had a mental breakdown, her mother suggested she get back to music. Reluctantly, she agreed, and soon found herself taking guitar lessons. 

Stephanie started with the intent of improving herself through music, but soon she was writing her own songs and her guitar teacher, who was also a producer, suggested she pursue creating her own CD. 

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Stephanie released her debut album, “Fly,” in May 2016. Since then, she has independently released a Christmas album, a motivational album and a worship album available on her website, iTunes and Amazon

“I just always felt like I was trapped in a cage and I couldn’t express my music passion,” she said. “So my album is called ‘Fly’ and there’s a bird on my album and it’s just symbolic that music was the key to open up my door and to get out and be free.”

Stephanie finds inspiration from other artists — among her favorites are Ben Rector, Sara Bareilles, Tori Kelly and Adele — as well as her own experiences and her relationships with her family.

When creating music, Stephanie’s goal is to create soothing, meaningful music that is appropriate for the whole family.

I don’t feel like my music is geared towards children but you can listen to my music while you’re cooking dinner or while you’re with your family and everyone can sing along and you don’t have to worry about innuendos,” she said. “It’s going to have meaning.” 

When not working on music, Stephanie dedicates her time to being a stay-at-home mom to her two sons, ages 6 and 8 with another baby on the way!

“Motherhood comes first and I squeeze in music in every second of my day that I can,” she said.  

Of course, pursuing her music dreams wouldn’t be possible without the support of her loyal fans and those in her Patreon Music Family. 

“I’m so grateful they support me for me, and they’re excited for the stuff I’m doing. Their support is allowing me to keep doing this. Which is allowing me to keep my sanity, allowing me to provide for my family, allowing me to live with balance, and live with no regrets,” she said. “I’m just so grateful. As an independent musician, you need your fans. As an independent musician, you can’t do it on a consistent or professional basis to whatever level if you don’t have people who support you and want more.” 

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For questions or comments please send an email to stephaniemadsenmusic@gmail.com.