Please contact Stephanie directly at to schedule an event.


Types of events:

  • Weddings 
  • Corporate events
  • Celebrations
  • Holiday parties
  • Church events
  • Youth conferences
  • Girl camps
  • Womens retreats
  • Intimate house concerts 


What: uplifting music performance and motivational speaking 

When: must book at least 1 month in advance

Cost: must pay for travel and performance OR travel and pre-order of CD's


LDS Church Girls Camp

"Stephanie Madsen is an amazing singer! I really felt the Spirit and was able to connect through her music. I loved it! Thanks Stephanie!" Emily Walmer

"Me and my sister loved your songs"- Dawson

"I really felt the Spirit when you sang those songs."- Kori Duerksen

"I love your voice. It's amazing! Thank you for sharing all you did with us." Miah Duerksen

"I was inspired by her and thought she was a great singer." Abby Faiferlick

"Stephanie, you have an amazing voice.  Your songs mean so much to me." Julia Bias

"I loved the Spirit you brought with you when you sang, and the message you gave us with each song." Natalie Folkman

"I really enjoyed listening to your music. I felt the Spirit so strongly when you sang." Abby Folkman

"I love your music and how you made the song just for us at our girls camp.  You are the best." Love Shelby  

Thank you so much for coming to our Girls Camp and sharing such a powerful message of love and hope. From the first time I heard you sing, I knew our girls needed to hear you and your music. When I first contacted you, I only hoped to get a copy of some of your songs to share with our girls, but you gave us so much more-you actually came to camp and spent an evening getting to know us and touching their hearts with your kindness and music. I loved that you specifically geared your message to go along with our themes at camp and you even wrote a song just for our girls! It will be an evening I will never forget, nor will our girls. You have left such an impression on us and I don't know how to thank you enough as a mother and as a leader. I love that you are using your talent to reach out and touch the lives of others.The world is a much better place because of you.

Thank you! Thank you! 

Jaquelle Dodge (Girls Camp Director) August 2017

"We hosted Stephanie Madsen for a musical fireside for our EFYSA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, (May 2017) and she was a big hit! Her original songs and the stories behind them (some even miraculous) were inspirational and faith promoting. Among attendees’ favorites were “In God’s Hands” “Perfect Plan” and “Scars” all originals songs from her debut album “Fly”.

Stephanie has the most beautiful, melodic, pitch perfect voice that you could listen to forever. She accompanies herself on piano and acoustic guitar and even invites the audience to sing along with her on the chorus during a few of her favorite Christian artist’s covers.Combining family life and career is not always an easy balance, but Stephanie is a great role model for putting family first, setting goals and then “reaching for the stars.” She encourages others to follow their dreams, even if the timing comes later than you think."'

Wendy Stebar (YSA Coordinator) June 2017 


California Regional Youth Conference