Please contact Stephanie directly at for enrollment information. For individual lessons, she offers both in person or online sessions.

Types of lessons offered in both individual and group settings:

  • piano
  • voice
  • songwriting
  • guitar
  • recording lessons

**cost $80 per month for individual lessons** Find the best Guitar Lessons

What people are saying:

"My 8 year old daughter absolutely loves having Stephanie as her voice teacher. Stephanie shows so much love for her and she really feels it. She continues to learn new things from her each week. I have been really impressed with how Stephanie is able to reign her in when she gets off track, but in a loving way. I'm so grateful that technology has allowed us to work with her despite the physical distance. My daughter absolutely adores and is inspired by her."  We couldn't ask for a better teacher."

-Erin Langstraat-

"Stephanie helped my daughter advance from picking notes and only memorizing songs. My daughter can now read notes and play most songs on her own. Thank you!"

- Ruth Grimes-

"Music is for everyone and anyone. Stephanie Madsen makes learning music fun for
everyone from beginning piano, voice and guitar students to old folks like me
wanting to try something new. I grew up playing piano but never learned much
theory and so found myself handicapped when I wanted to compose music. I had
ideas for several pieces ranging from children’s songs to a tribute to my father and a
musical setting for a passage of scripture but lacked the skills necessary to bring
them to life. Working with Stephanie was a perfect fit for me. She was consistently
pleasant and professional, balancing her commitment to teaching with her
commitment to family. She asked questions to help me establish goals and find the
gaps in my musical knowledge then tailored lessons to reach those goals and fill the
gaps. Like many students, I wanted to start with my “dream song”-the one I had
imagined writing for years- but she encouraged me to start with something simpler.
Over the course of a year we worked on four or five pieces including my “dream”.
She introduced me to some new (to me!) technologies, showing me how to use voice
memos and make an iMovie of the song Papa’s Words to share at the spring recital
for her students I look at the results of our time together and think, “Wow! Did I
really do that?" THANK YOU, STEPHANIE!"

-Holiday Conley-